These eleven lovely pics are the vices of Wyatt's life...

We had his yearly allergy test just before his birthday hoping for that 5% chance that he had magically grown out of his peanut allergy, only to find that not only was it still present but worse. And to add to this disappointment we tacked on 9 additional allergies to be aware of:(

However, on the upside of things the Dr. told us to continue his diet as we have for the last 3 years... milk, bread and all. With these unexpected additions the Dr. suggested we start to challenge...YAY!

The food challenge is usually the last step when testing the seriousness of an allergy. As we became aware of all the new ones Dr. Jones suggested we start challenging the egg & peanuts.

Challenge #1 Peanuts : Very allergic - stay away from all nuts!
Challenge#2 Eggs : TBD


Just in case there is still some confusion... yes i am prego, but with one baby not two! It was an April Fool's JOKE people. Apparently the greatest prank i shall ever pull off. And every time i run into an old school mate who heard through the grapevine that i am having twins, makes it that much more funny to me:) I will continue to laugh at my super funniness for years to come. For those of you out there who missed the funny part of the twins thing...well it was a joke. Sucker...