New bed for Wyatt

Wyatt is growing way to fast. We decided to take down the front rail on his crib and turn it into a toddler bed. So far, so good. He only fell out two times and those were about 5 minutes after we put him in and shut the door. It is taking a little getting used to. He can get out of bed and walk around and come and cry in my room at 4 am. I tried to put him back in and get him to fall asleep but he just wouldn't stay. I then brought him into mine and Kayla's bed because i was just too tired to sit at his bedside. He fell asleep, no problem at all but he did not lay still. Oh well we did get a few more hours of sleep. Naptime has become more interesting because if he doesn't want to sleep he will stand by the door and cry until we come open it or start playing with toys. I think we have it safe for a few more months until he can start opening doors. He is been so fun because he already thinks that he can do just about anything. He has two little car things and he will stand on the seats then "crash" (falls gracefully) and thinks he is all strong and daring. He is great!!


Miss Utah 2007

For work i am involved in a group called National Contract Management Association (NCMA)and we had a luncheon last Thursday with Jill Stevens, Miss Utah 2007. Aside from being beautiful she was an excellent speaker, a diverse person, and very friendly. She shared her experiences as she was in Afghanistan as a medic and she also shared her experiences as a pageant Queen. Both sides of her stories were excellent. She said she was the most tom-boyish person she knew and she wore boots not high heels. But thanks to a friend she was coerced into running for Miss SUU and she won. That is how she got involved in the pageant thing. She was part of the top 16 in the US and was voted "Americas Choice." She was just a really great person to talk with and had a great view on life as she related it to her military experience. Keep focused on your target, set new goals, try new things and you'll be able to hit your target most of the time. The experiences you gain will be invaluable and life's lessons just for you.


Sunday Morning Session

So Kayla and I went to the Sunday morning session of General Conference. It was certainly a long morning. I had a member from one of the ward that I served in on my mission coming to watch conference and I wanted to make sure she got a seat. So i asked my bishop if the ward had any tickets. He told me to ask the stake. I asked the stake but they didn't so i wasn't sure how i was going to get any tickets so she would for sure be able to go. The bishop then told me that his wife, who is in the Tabernacle Choir, always gets two tickets so he would check with her. Sure enough she had two and was willing to give them to me and my friend Lourdes from Argentina. We had pretty good seats. We were in the plaza but all the way to the side but it was still nice to sit there and feel the spirit. So while i was waiting to go to the Priesthood Session my bishop's wife called Kayla and said she had two more tickets. So Kayla was able to come with us. The other ticket we gave to a lady in the parking lot. She rushed over to us and said do you happen to have an extra ticket to conference? We gave it to her and she started to sob and said "God does answer prayers." OK, he certainly does.
After the session we walked around and took a few photos, then Jeanie came out and met my Argentine friend. Lourdes was so excited to meet her she could hardly stand still. Jeanie, in her broken Spanish, tried to tell her how she learned to speak and how she loved to sing in the choir. After a few minutes of chatting Jeanie gave Lourdes two CDs of the choir and Lourdes started to cry. I think she was so grateful that somebody who didn't even know her would do something like that. Anyway long story short, time was running out for Jeanie because she had to get back to her seat and Lourdes had to go inside for the last session. But before i left Lourdes thanked me a million times over and said how grateful she was to have had that experience. All in all for both of us it was definitely one for the memory books.