Weber State, Weber State, Great! Great! Great!

I attended Weber State University for 4 years and Kayla has gone there for about the last 6 and neither of us had been a football game…until their homecoming game this year. Katherine and Marc (Kayla’s sister and her husband) are the biggest Weber fans I know. They go to every game, of just about any sport, have all the free stuff they throw out, and sport their “Weber Wear” everywhere. The game was ok…nothing nail biting close but there were a few really good plays. My favorite was when the ref got smashed –HARD! My next favorite was when Kayla caught the Wildcat Claw. Wyatt seemed to enjoy himself too. Here are the pics so enjoy!


My new closet

So I’ve been so handy lately and that is not generally me. I finished installing our floor about 2 weeks ago and vowed to myself no more do-it-yourself home improvement projects until winter (when I have to be inside). That vow didn't last too long. About 5 months ago we went to IKEA and we bought some stuff to organize our closets and we made another trip on Labor Day and I bought some more. Well I decided to tackle the project. I always start strong and then finish wishing and promising I’m not ever going to do anything like that again. My closet is not that big but it is really deep so I decided all of my clothes were about to burst out if I didn’t do anything. So I split my closet in half and put two smaller places to hang clothes and with the other half I installed a pants hanger, tie/belt drawer, sock basket and another shelf. I’ve pretty much filled up the entire thing and am wondering if I made anymore space or just made it a little more organized or maybe I should get rid of some clothes?? Oh well another home improvement project down the drain… there will probably be more in a while (I’m thinking basement office or more closets). Until then NO MORE projects I promise! But I always feel proud to have completed something I wouldn’t normally do. Do you see my dilemma??

All my junkFinished ProductAll my clothes put away