From the mouth of Wyatt...

I'm not tired, I'm happy

It's not time for bed, it's still summertime

Oh my gosh, oohh myy gooosh (second time said a lot slower)

You're not sad/mad, you're happy! (after i tell him it makes me sad when he does something naughty)

Momma you're beautiful... beautiful hair, beautiful ears, beautiful head etc..

Hmmmm, hmmm (tapping his cheek with his index finger) I don't know what happened ... it's just gone.

But I'm just sooo sad (when he doesn't get his way or when it's time for bed)


W: i need a drink of water.

M: you have a drink it's right there.

W: i need a story.

M: we just read two stories, it's time for bed.

W: wait, wait mom. i need, i need, i neeeeed (little brain furiously thinking of something, anything that could postpone actually going to sleep) when nothing comes he resorts to "but mom, I'm just sooo sad" (done very well with the sulking stare, and a bowing head)

M: Attempts to sing 'think happy thoughts' song in the most annoying way from Yo Gabba Gabba to make him giggle. Once giggle is achieved i quickly give him one last kiss and say-Okay, goodnight i love you.

W: WAIT! i have a question.... he proceeds to tell me something that usually includes playing with one of his cousins and explosions with his hands are somehow tied in to the story which I'm really not following.

Preface: Wyatt is now in the nursery at church, therefore he colors pictures every week. Usually these pictures don't make it out of the church... somehow they find the trash can rather quickly:) But this particular picture didn't make it to the recycle can as quickly.

W: MOM! Did you throw this away?
This is my special paper! You don't throw my special papers away.

M: If you have special papers you take care of them - they don't become 'balls' (never fail, even if he doesn't have an actual ball to play with he will find one or make one)

W: Why did you throw this away, you shouldn't throw my things away.
I colored this picture for you mom. Don't ever do that again, that was not very nice.

This lovely little lecture lasted at least 5 minutes & I made it most of the way through without laughing too hard. Where the heck did this child come from- he's not even 3!