Easter was great! We actually pulled out the Easter baskets and eggs this year. Last year it came and went before we realized it. They were on the coffee table for a while until Mr. Wyatt got a hold of them and poured them out all over the place. The stupid grass stuff is a pain to clean up. Easter morning was calm yet Wyatt had fun picking up the eggs and he would throw them in his basket. The clothes he got he could have cared less about. He just wanted all the candies that were in all the eggs. We went to church then we went to my parents for dinner but he would only eat candy. So on the way home he barfed in his car seat. I know it is gross but i am pretty sure he ate way to much sugar. The shorts and tee shirts we bought are just in time for spring. He certainly needs them because he is growing so fast!


A little white mule named Blue

So you can obviously see i changed the design of the blog. It's actually all original. I made the background picture but i was inspired by a template i found online. It was actually quite easy.

Now for the post about Wyatt, Jaxon, My Dad and the white mule named Blue. Not confusing one bit is it? So Wyatt gets watched by Kayla's mom during the week and then every other Friday he goes to my parents house. Well two weeks ago was that day. There must have been spring fever in the air because Wyatt and Jaxon played outside for a lot of the afternoon. Jaxon was with Wyatt because he too gets babysat by Kayla's mom when Natalie has to work. It was actually really cool because they both love to play with each other. I don't think either of them have ever been on a horse but they both really liked it. My dad loved this. He always loves to tell Wyatt he is going to go on a horse ride.

For a beginner they rode the right mule. Blue (the little white mule) is my dad's very first horse. So needless to say he has been around for a long time and he is really old. Nobody ever rides him because it would probably kill him but for a little kid it is probably exhilarating and for the mule that always gets overlooked probably felt wanted once again. I know that he is around just because it was the first that we owned and he would not be really useful for anything else. Hope you enjoy the pics.


Farewell to Grandma Steed

Seems like just yesterday that I posted about my Great Grandma Steed turning 87 years old. Today I post a farewell post in her memory. I remember her always telling me she never expected to live this long. For the most part she was a very independent and healthy woman. She lived on her own up until the day she passed. On Sunday night my mom called and told me I needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible to give her a blessing. So we packed up and went there immediately. My dad anointed her with oil and I gave her a blessing. I told her she had lived a good life, she was a choice spirit of our Heavenly Father and that she would be comforted. Amidst all the tears, emotions and noises from the hospital machines I think she felt comforted. When we were done she took my hand, looked up at me and said in the most faint voice “you take care of yourself, OK” I couldn’t say anything. I knew and I am positive that she knew too this was it. All of my family made it up to see her as well as Betsy’s family. I think we are all glad we did. The doctors tried several times to keep her heart rate down but to no avail. Kayla, Wyatt and I left the Intensive Care Unit at about 9:05 pm. Mom called at about 4:45 am Monday morning and said she had passed about 20 minutes ago. I again was overcome with emotions. They were filled with tears but I was excited for her because she could finally rest, feel no pain and see Great Grandpa Steed, my Grandma Farr (her daughter) and all the others she has been waiting to see for a long time. The viewing will be Friday night and the funeral Saturday morning. I am sure it will be emotional again but I am honored to be a pallbearer and a speaker. Grandma Steed – I love you and you will be greatly missed by everyone.



Back to Reality

So i know it has been a few weeks since I have posted but relax I finally updated with all the fun things we have done the last month. A lot of our pictures are posted below of the cruise and all the fun stops. The reason I labeled this back to reality is because since we are back I have to cook my own food, make my own bed, find my own entertainment and work. I don't mind doing all of that stuff but when you are pampered it is hard to let it go.

I just finished my second to last class for my Masters degree yesterday so come May I will be finished with school and i will be able to post more often. So don't worry we are alive and well just busy with everyday life and trying not to let our tans fade too much before summer hits.

If you get tired of hearing my song then go to the Cozumel post and click the speaker in the bottom left corner!