A Quarter of a Century Old

Today is Kayla's 25th birthday! Wyatt and I were procrastinators this year in the gift department. We usually get things well in advance but it was only yesterday that we went shopping. We got her some new clothes, a Rihanna CD and a Britta Water pitcher. Wyatt helped her open all the presents, then when the fun was over he went right downstairs to watch "TB" (that's what he calls it). I know it is lame but those are some of the things I would have bought her for Christmas. We went to go out to eat last night at Goodwood but the wait was an hour and ten minutes so we settled for Rumbi instead. Then we went to the Weber State basketball game. We'll have to make a trip, just the two of us, next weekend to eat the ribs we were craving. She is such a great mother and wife. We love you K! Happy Birthday to our quarter of a century year old wife and mom.


December 31, 2002 ~ December 31, 2008

On this day six years ago I started the greatest adventure of the rest of my life.
New Year's Eve 2002 Josh and I were set up on a blind date.
~We have been together ever since~
Thank You Justin & Megan for making this wonderful life a dream come true.
We are forever in your debt.