So this post is a little late compared to all the other blogs I have read but like the old addage goes: "better late than never" This year has been so hectic with school for both Kayla and I that I barely keep on top of things. So after reading the two comments from the Jackson Sisters and my mom's comment "I noticed you haven't updated your blog lately" well here I am.

Halloween is probably one of my most favorite holidays but this one was by far the worst. I had to go to school. We normally all dress up with a family theme but without a lot of time, failure to plan ahead and school we (Kayla and I) just didn't dress up. After looking at all the pictures I think I should have anyway.

Our theme, if we would have had one would have been barnyard animals. Both Wyatt and Roxy were chickens. I have noticed that the chicken costume is a popular one. I noticed a couple of kids at the 2 ward parties we went to that had them, and Halle from the Buxton's blog too. Then the other day when I took Wyatt to my brothers house I noticed that my niece Hadly had the same exact costume. I couldn't believe it. They are all so cute though. Anyway here are the pics. Enjoy


Sharleen's Birthday

So Sharleen had a birthday about a month ago (September 22nd) and I am just now posting the pictures from it. It was a fun party. We (the kids and their spouses) took charge and made her dinner. She is always so nice to invite everybody over about once a month to have dinner for people that had birthdays that month but this time we decided to make dinner for her. I made the chicken and I cooked it on my new grill and the others made food to go with it; salads, dessert, rolls, baked potatoes. It was quite nice and I am sure it was a welcome relief to her to eat a nice meal, with her family, and not have to cook it or clean up after. Anyway, happy birthday to Sharleen and sorry it took me so long to post the pics.


Hand prints in the cement

So we finally poured cement for the fence and we also poured a little bit of cement to put the hose on so it doesn't have to sit on the grass any longer. The pad for the hose was a last minute thing because we had so much left over. We decided to put our hand prints in it. It brought back lots of memories from my childhood when my parent poured cement and we got to put our hands in it. It was really quite fun. Kayla, Wyatt and I all did our hands (and Wyatt's feet) Roxy did her paw print by just wanting to be part of the action and my parents were there to place their hand prints too. It was just a fun thing to do.


I'm finally putting up a fence

So about a year ago we got a nice brick fence along the back of our property but it was only for 90% of my property. The owners of Sparrows put up a nice retaining wall fence but they stopped at their property line which was about 15 feet from my property line with my neighbor. So needless to say we have had a crappy chain link fence there that has been falling down with every gust of wind. I went and purchased the vinyl fencing now it is just the hassle of installing it. My dad and i have been working on it and we are to the point where we can pour the footing but it is supposed to rain so we are going to have to wait until after the weekend. BUMMER! But i will be so excited when it is all competed because then i wont have to go out there and keep picking it up and it will look so much better. Roxy will finally be able to run in the back yard and we wont have to worry about where she is. Your work always seems to be so much more worth it when you do it yourself.