So generally we have a birthday dinner for all those in my family in the month that there is a birthday. Well my family is a bit unique, in that EVERYBODY has a birthday in January or August, except for Cody who is in June. On the 27th we celebrated Hadly, Kayla, Sandi, Weston and Great Grandma Steed's birthday. It was actually quite good. We ate ham and potatoes at my parents then all went to see Grandma Steed. It was actually her birthday and it was quite squishy in her little apartment with 9 people. First off she doesn't have that many chairs so we had to pull two in from the hall and secondly there is barely room for the stuff she has without having to add 4 chairs from what is already there. I think it was everything an 87 year old woman could want. We all don't get over there as often as we should and to have us all there at once was great for her. She loves our family very much. Enjoy the pictures of her and her GREAT GREAT GRANDCHILDREN...... It's almost a miracle she can handle both of them on her lap but you can tell she loves it.

When we got home from Grandma's we turned on the TV and saw that President Hinckley had passed. It was with great shock to me but I thought it was great to have had him as president of the Church. I really don't ever remember any other one because I was either inactive or didn't care really about what was going on in the church. A great thought I heard at church went something like this...

When I die I want to buried with my fork. My fork, because you have to "keep your fork for dessert." So it can be said that the best is yet to come. Lucky for him he can be with his wife and other family. Oh the greatness he has set forth and blessing we enjoy because of him.


Happy Birthday KAYLA!!!

So today is Kayla's 24th Birthday. I got her a few gifts: A really big, cute leather watch set and a green colored workout suit. She said she like both of them very much. I made her open them this morning before she was all beautified with makeup but she still looked fine! She had told me that her new car was good enough for a birthday present but i wanted to make sure she had something for her special day. Kayla is so special to me and Wyatt. We love her very much! HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!!


Hodgepodge Of A Post

So this has been a long time coming. I am a real slacker and haven’t posted much of anything lately but I promise I am still alive and have been doing things too. Since I don’t want to bore with all the details I will keep it short and sweet.

December 31st –

We finally broke down and bought a new car for Kayla. Her old Buick is still running but it was time for a new car. She has wanted one for a long time and we finally got the guts to buy one. We bought it from The Sherm’s Store in Ogden. The manager is in my ward and gave us a really good deal. It’s a 2007 Toyota Highlander. I love it and I think Kayla loves it even more than I do.

After putting ourselves into debt we went and saw I Am Legend. I didn’t know that it was such a suspenseful movie but it was and I liked it. Kayla watched the majority of it with her faced covered by her coat. But ever since our first date (December 31st 2002) we have gone to a movie. It is kind of a fun tradition that we have.

We also went and celebrated the new year with the Cave’s. It wasn’t much of anything. We watched Spider Man 3, ate some food, watched the ball drop then went home. It was still fun to hang out with them though.

January 2nd --

So we decide to redo our kitchen cabinets. It was such a long process because we used oil paint that took 16 hours to dry. We added a bead board insert in the middle of all the doors then painted them a brown-orange color… It is a little too orange for me. I am not a fan but it is still growing on me. It really does look OK but I don’t want ever re-paint them again. After they were painted we drilled holes and added handles and that took FOR EVER. Take a look, here is a before and after picture.

January --

Our friends, the Cave’s, came over for dinner. We were going to build a snowman but by the time we made it outside the snow was too hard and would not roll into a ball. That’s OK we just played in the snow for about 10 minutes then went inside. Wyatt was so cute. He looked like the camouflaged stay-puff marshmallow man. We have this snow suit from my parents and this is the first time it has been used. It was hard for him to move but he liked to lick the snow and throw it too.

January 9th --
It snowed like no other. I was amazed how much snow I had in my drive way. It took me 2 hours to shovel it all. The neighbor let me use his snow blower but it only blew the first 8” off the top. I had to shovel the rest. We had about 13” total from the storm. The next day I could hardly move!! Just two days before this huge storm I took in my parents snow blower to get fixed so I could use it. He called and said it would work but I would have to shut off the gas after each use. My mom told him just to keep it until he could get it fixed all the way. My dad told me I could have it but it would be a family snow blower. I told him that was fine but I was going to store it at my house. It was just a few days too late. Now that it is fixed it won’t snow anymore.