Let the races begin

So i thought i would post a small clip of Wyatt learning to walk. This was taken about a week ago and since then he has gotten so much better and so much faster. It is kind of a pain to keep chasing him down but it is so fun to watch him grow and develop. He will definitely come almost running if you have food in your hand to bribe him with. He is so fun! PS ignore my voice. I sound like Kermit the Frog; I hate listening to myself speak because in my ears I don't sound like that.


Grandma Taylors Birthday, She turned 81 I think?

Yesterday we went to Grandma Taylor's trailer and had cake and ice cream for her birthday. It was really nice. They haven't lived up here in the northern part of the state for a while so it was really good for her to have all of her children and other family around her. I know she really enjoys that. I hope one day i live to be this old and still be able to move around like they do.


Labor Day, and we did just that.

So for labor day, Kayla and I both didn't have to work. It makes it nice to have some free time every once in a while so that you can catch up on the chores around the house. And that is what we did. I was able to clean out the garage a little bit and also work in the bathroom. I'll have to take some pictures of that for a later post. Well as part of our "labors" we went to Target and bought the Dyson DC17 Animal vacuum.

First off, let me just say YECK! We vacuumed our house with our old vacuum and then did it with our new Dyson and I thought i was going to puke with all the dirt and Roxy hair that it picked up. However, i was so impressed at all the power it has and how it left our carpet so soft and actually clean! I can't believe i put Wyatt on that stuff as filthy as it was. I would HIGHLY recommend buying one to anybody! They are expensive but worth every penny! And ladies if you are hesitating spending that much just think a guy becomes motivated to do more stuff around the house if you have a fun "toy" to use. I know i sure am!