Mom's Birthday and 4 Generation Pictures

Today is my mom’s 47th birthday. We celebrated by having a family dinner with everybody. It was quite nice. My dad made steaks, corn on the cob, sparkling potatoes and vegetables. My Grandma and Grandpa Sherrod were there and my Grandpa Farr showed up too. It was nice to see him. It has been about 3 years since I last saw him. I took advantage of the moment to take a few pics with my cell phone, (they are really hard to see) but at least g0t a 4 generation picture of Wyatt, Me, My Dad, and My Grandpa. Cody did the same thing with him and Hadly. It turned out to be a very nice evening. Kayla wasn’t able to go because she has started back to school. I am really proud of her for going back. If she can get over these dang math classes she’ll be home free.


Happy Birthday to me, I turned 26

So I guess you could say that I am getting older. But it will always be a relative term. By that I mean if you are older than me you'll always be older than me, and vice versa. This birthday just kind of felt like any another ordinary day. Although, it was nice to hear from friends and family wanting to wish me a special day. I didn't do anything to celebrate -- rather I was at work all day then school at night. I did take my office bagels and they devoured them. When I got home from work Kayla had made me a special birthday treat. It was a carmel corn cake. It looked really cool and it tasted good too. The only thing about living with two people is that you have to eat everything yourselves and you can't pawn it off on the kids yet because he can't eat it. So I ended up taking it to work and it was AGAIN devoured by them. Overall, my birthday was great although it was just another day.


Wyatt's 1 Year Pics

We went to Kiddie Kandids in the New Gate Mall on Saturday and got Wyatt's pictures taken. I was really impressed with their quality of service and friendliness. They were really nice. You have to pay a little more for the pictures but the quality is way better than Wal-Mart or Target. And in all actuality, since we got a free 8X10 we got the sheets for about the same price. We picked the one of him on the bench as the 8X10 and him on the beach as a 5X7 and him with the football as the other 5X7. Enjoy!


Wyatt's Birthday

Wyatt’s first birthday was a blast. We spent the day working around the house and making a cake for him. It was actually quite fun because to keep Wyatt entertained we gave him all kinds of junk food that he never had before. The picture with him all covered in blue is when he was eating a blue fruit roll-up. We had family over to the Herfordshire pool for hotdogs, salads, lemonade, cake and of course a dip in the pool. Since Wyatt is allergic to eggs Kayla made him his own special little cake without eggs. She used a Weight Watchers recipe. It calls for 12 ounces of diet soda verse all of the normal stuff like eggs, oil and water. It worked out pretty well but I didn’t care to eat it. Wyatt didn’t seem to mind. He got it all over him. It was great!!! After dinner and cake we opened some presents. Like most one-year-olds he could have cared less what was in the packages; but would rather play with the paper. All of his cousins were a big help in opening them. After presents most of us got in the pool and swam for about an hour. It was definitely a good first birthday. One I think that he’ll never remember but one we certainly will. I know I have written it before but I will write it again…It is amazing how fast he is grown up.