Happy Birthday

August is birthday month for us. We started with Jaxon and Wyatt on the 9th and 11th. Then it is my dads birthday on the 14th. One week later it is mine on the 21st. About another week later it is my mom's on the 30th and then my sister-in-law Jen's birthday is today. WHEW!! Happy birthday to all!!


Lucky Peak

This last weekend we packed our bags for a little vay-cay to Idaho...we went to visit Justin & Megan. These two are soley responsible for Josh+Kayla=Wyatt. They set us up on a blind date on New Years Eve 2002… and the rest is history, we’ve been together ever since. Anywho we decided to take out the boat to Lucky Peak Reservoir on Saturday and this are a few of the pictures of our fun in the sun. Thanks to JJ & MEG Patt - we love and miss you guys! It was a fun weekend – the drive not so much (there is only so much of scenic sagebrush one can handle!)

delema solved

THANK YOU to all those who helped us in our predicament by voting for our new kitchen/dining room flooring. Hands down everyone in the bloggerhood voted for the darker of the two woods. However those who saw the options in person voted for the lighter wood. So we decided that although your help was much appreciated we thought best to go with the lighter wood. As we soon discovered deciding on the color of wood was the least of our problems! We thought this to be a project that might take a day and a half at the most – well we started Thursday evening worked on it ALL DAY Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday… I thought it might never end! It didn’t help that as we were finishing up the floor I decided it would be a good idea to paint… PAINT are you CRAZY!?! Yes, yes I am. So we painted as well. For three days our entire kitchen was in our living room- it was a dreadful few days! Done at last, done at last thank God all mighty we are done at last!


Just another Birthday

So I am officially 27! Whoopie-do. To me it was just another day. I woke up, went to work, then came home. We did go out to dinner which is unheard of on a week night. After dinner Kayla gave me some really nice things (shoes, air compressor) then we went to bed because we were going to Idaho the next morning. When you are little you look forward to birthdays all year long but when you get older you just want them to come and go and have nobody make a fuss. Oh well we all get older at the same pace -- one day at a time!


Wyatt's 2nd Birthday

A little late but this is Wyatt's Birthday post.

08.11.2006 --- 6lbs. 19 inches

08.11.2007 --- 18bls.

08.11.2008 --- 23lbs.

My baby is no longer a baby – he has officially entered into toddlerhood :0( And as Josh & I are finding out - it's no coincidence that some call it the terrible two's! He is one persistant little bugger! Turning two makes me a little sad but at the same time it is so much fun watching him grow and learn new things. One of his favorite things is playing with any sort of ball – but in particular baseball (I think it is because of the bat – which in turn can be used for so much more that just to hit baseballs!) So for his birthday we had a baseball themed party. Everything from the invites to the dinner to the cake to the presents. Cousin Jaxon’s Birthday is just two days before Wyatt’s so we tag teamed the birthday party’s. We ate hotdogs for dinner - you can’t go to a ball game without eating a hotdog! And then we went swimming at the Herfordshire pool. It was a fun day to be with our family & friends, we appreciate how much they love and care for our Wyatt… it really does take a village! Happy Birthday Wy!!!


Happy Birthday Grandpa

My dad’s birthday is today. He is such a nice man. He spent his afternoon with Wyatt. I called to see how it was going and he said: “fine we are just eating crackers and watching TV.” Wyatt definitely loves grandpa. He is always asking where’s grandpa. My dad loves to play with Wyatt and take him for rides on the 4-wheeler and mini-bike. Kayla and I both love him too because he is always so willing to help and he always knows what to do or how to do our silly projects. When I went to pick up Wyatt after work I went in and found him asleep in my dad’s lap, well sort of. I just had to take a picture before I woke him up! Thanks for all you do. We love you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


"... its the weirdest thing, they call him Blue.." -melissa