Swimming with Trevor

Well we hadn’t seen Trevor since October but he came home for a couple weeks. We only saw him a few times but it was fun to hang out with him. We went swimming at the pool and had a BBQ.

We went over and ate at the Anderson a couple of times as an “entire” family. You can look at the Treasure the Memories post for Natalie’s version of the same thing. We went with opening night with Trevor, Marc and Katherine to the drive-in and saw Ratatouille. It was pretty good. I am a fanatic for Disney Pixar movies. They are probably my favorites of all time. I wish however that I would have seen it at the regular theater because sometimes the drive in just looses your attention. But back to Trevor. We talked for quite a while about how Korea is and what he likes and all the same old stuff that he probably told everybody else. I bet he got sick of answering the same old questions. Anyway it was good to see him for a couple weeks and we are glad that he came to visit.


Top of Thousand Lake Mountain

We hiked to the peak of Thousand Lake Mountain, elevation approximately 11,300 feet. I am pretty sure we started at about sea level (there was a lake when we started so I think that counts) and it was straight uphill, practically vertical, from there. OK well maybe not that extreme but it was definitely steep! Once you got to the top it was a plateau and a nice walk to the peak. At the top of a pile of rocks there was a mail box and some paper where you could sign your name. We took Roxy with us and I think she made the hike about twice because she ran up and down the trail then out in the woods just sniffing like a Hoover vacuum. I packed Wyatt, in the Snugli, on my back the entire time. I didn’t think it would be that difficult, and it really wasn’t, until he fell asleep then I was just hauling dead weight. He didn’t cry or anything so I think that he enjoyed it ok. Kayla made it about ½ way before her asthma kicked in pretty bad and she just decided to sit and wait for us because she didn’t have an inhaler. It felt like it was only about 20 minutes to climb down after it took about 90 minutes to climb up. It was a fun hike but I won’t ever do it again. Sort of a been there done that attitude I guess, but I did enjoy it.

Marc and Katherine

The Stuart's and Megan


Anderson Family Reunion

We had the Anderson family reunion this weekend. We were going to take the Jeep and just sleep in a tent but when I left work on Thursday afternoon it began leaking anti-freeze all over. So I determined that my water pump has gone out, AGAIN! It is awful because I am not a mechanic and I just replaced it last April. Needless to say I wasn’t going to drive it down to Fish Lake National Forest. We ended up taking my parents truck so we decided to take their trailer too. Katherine and Marc came with us. It is a very long drive hauling a trailer but it was good because we could set Wyatt down on the floor and that way he wouldn’t have to play in the dirt the entire time. This was his first camping trip and I think he really was AMAZED with fire, DESPISED bug spray being sprayed on him and HATED sleeping in his pack n’ play…other than that it was awesome.

We were at Elkhorn campground which was a really NICE site but the first 3 miles of that dirt road are really, really bad (washboard) then the last mile is lots of switch backs on a narrow road. I was a little nervous pulling the trailer but it all worked out ok. Our directions were pretty clear on how to get there and where to turn but the sign that told us where to turn was broken so, needless to say we passed it by about 40 miles. It was awful but on our way back we found it no problem because the sign for those going south bound was in perfect condition. Anyway, there wasn’t as many people like in years past but it was still fun. We went geocaching on Saturday with Kayla’s aunt and uncle’s family. I think I found me a new hobby and both Kayla and I really liked it. It’s kind of like a modern day treasure hunt with a GPS. Sunday we went on a hike it was almost a straight up hill climb but it was good at the top, then we drove home.


Father’s Day Fun

So it was my first actual fathers day(last years counted but Wyatt wasn't born). It was good too. I got a bunch of new work clothes from Kayla and Wyatt. I haven’t purchased any new work clothes since we’ve been married so I figured it was time. I got 3 pairs of pants, 3 polo shirts, a button up shirt and a pair of army shorts. Kayla did a pretty good job of picking out my shirts, but I had to pick out my pants. I am generally very picky when it comes to clothes but I think I am getting to the point where I could care less (but I still care what I look like). Kayla went to girl’s camp on Thursday so Wyatt and I went and bought me a blower. You know a gift to me, from me. Kayla wasn’t too happy but I think it works great and saves me from sweeping up all the grass clippings and such. I love it.

Yesterday we celebrated with my family at our house. We had a BBQ and Grandpa and Grandma Sherrod came over. It was good. It was also Cody’s 25th birthday he is now the same age as I am, but only for 2 months. We gave my dad and grandpa a picture of Wyatt and Hadly. They were dressed in the camouflaged clothes that he gave them for Christmas. I’ve decided pictures are a great gift because they have to like them and it is something they don’t already have but they can replace them whenever they get new ones.

For my father-in-law we ate dinner at their house and he got a new swing set. He never wants presents so he just buys himself whatever he thinks everybody else would enjoy. All of the grandkids were so excited about this one!! I helped put some of it together. Wyatt is too young to play on it right now but one day he’ll join the others in being as loud and carefree as possible while playing on the new swings.


Brushing at an early age

Every night before I go to bed I brush my teeth. Wyatt is usually lying on the bed staring at me with the deer in the head lights look like WHAT are you doing. So of course he wants to play with my toothbrush. When I give it to him he wants to chew on it for a second then he wants to brush my teeth for me. So we take turns brushing each others teeth. It is so much fun to watch. I think maybe his next toy will be a toothbrush. It always calms him down, he thinks it is the funniest thing in the world and it will give him incentive to brush (when he gets teeth).


10 Months for Wyatt

First off -- Happy 3rd Birthday to Cousin Jeffrey yesterday and Happy 70th Birthday to Grandma Sherrod today. And Happy 10 Months to Wyatt. Things are flying by so fast and he is one of them.
It seems like just yesterday, but it was actually 10 months ago, that we were getting things ready for Wyatt. We had the room ready and all we needed was a little body to put in it. At first he was so fragile and so precious but now he is so mobile, not as fragile and still as precious. On Saturday I had to lower his crib because he was able to sit up in there and we were afraid he might just pull himself up and over.
Wyatt is crawling and trying to pull himself up on everything. The only problem is that he doesn’t get his knees close enough to do it. All he does is get within arms length of whatever, pulls himself up, then is stuck because he doesn’t have enough strength to pull himself up to his feet and closer at the same time. At this point it is sheer chaos because now he can’t go up to his feet and he can’t let go because he will fall to his face. That is exacly what happend last night while at Jeffrey’s birthday party. He let go, fell down and whacked his head on the leg of the chair. He has a small bruise but it will go away soon. I guess we just need to keep an eye on him and make sure he is blocked off from falling down the stairs AGAIN or falling off the bed AGAIN! That little wiggle worm!


Reading to Wyatt

I read a book to Wyatt before going to bed. Well, he was already in bed then he wouldn’t go to sleep, so I took him out and read it to him. One fish, Two fish, Red fish Blue fish is such a fun book with a great message at the end:

Today is gone.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.

Everyday from here to there,
Funny things are everywhere.

Kayla came in when I started reading it and wanted a blanket. So while she “fished” the blanket out of the clothes basket Wyatt caught her through the corner of his eye then it was down hill from there. He wanted to stare at her the entire time. Kayla’s solution to the problem was to hide under the blanket. (because if he can't see your face then you really aren't there). It was one of those “funny things everywhere.” I laid him back down in is crib but he started to cry again but it only lasted a few minutes then he finally fell asleep.


Wyatt rides in a Mustang Convertible

Wyatt ridin' shotgun with Eli behind the wheel in the Mustang. There are not many five year olds I would trust behind the wheel with my only child riding shotgun. But I must say for being five Eli does very well - and the fact that his little car doesn't go much over a maybe .5 mph is comforting. Wyatt loves playing with Dak, Porter and Eli they are the best "cousins" ever! Wouldn't it be nice to pick and choose our relatives? Well, we were lucky enough to be dubbed part of the Cave Family - and they part of ours. We love our Families - blood or not and all they do for us. We hope all is well with everyone who reads this silly little blog.


Cry yourself to sleep

When Kayla was pregnant and we were going to the OB every other day to do stress tests, I picked up a magazine and read about the different kinds of baby cries. Oh how I wish I would have remembered what all of them meant (like they really tell you for certain) or that Wyatt could talk so I could understand what he wants. Just recently, Wyatt has started these melt downs. I am talking about major crying (no it’s more like SERIOUS weeping) and we don’t know why. We’ve tried all the obvious things like feeding, changing and playing with him, but to no avail the crisis prevails. Sometimes if you pick him up he stops but the second you’re done holding him, sit down, stop walking around or have to set him down to do something WHAM it is as loud as ever. A bottle always seems to get him to calm down for the few minutes it takes him to drink it. We have been trying to feed him more "regular" food so he usually gets a bottle in the morning, one in the afternoon and then one right before bed. So last night after about 20 minutes of constant crying I tried giving him some more baby oatmeal mixed with bananas and yogurt. At first I just shoved it in his mouth while it is open from crying. The second he felt it on his tongue he stopped crying and started wondering: “What the heck is this stuff?” then calmed down enough to eat it (well some of it). But last night he wore himself right out. About half way through feeding him he just fell asleep. You can tell when he has finally given in, and let the sleep take over, when his eyes start getting so heavy and he tries to put his head down. It was just so stinkin’ cute when he fell asleep because he still had the food on his face, spoon in hand and bib around his neck like he was having a feast! Kayla and I just laughed at him quietly so as not to wake him, then took some pictures. Needless to say I put him in his crib and he took about a 1 hour nap which is rare for him but it made him much more fun for the rest of the night. I guess he just likes to fight back the sleep.


Natural Born Swimmer

It was Wyatt’s first time in a swimming pool. I think his overall reaction was, as cousin Jeffrey would say, “WHY?” We bought him that floating thingy so he could just sit there and watch as we played. I am sure he was pretty bored and just wondering when he could get out of that dumb tube. As in any public pool there are always the rowdy ones. These kids were splashing up a storm and Wyatt hated every second of getting splashed by somebody else so he’d cry a little bit but not too bad. He loves to splash around in the tub at home so I was a little surprised. Actually he did really well and at one point he almost fell asleep because he was so comfortable. He looked rather content playing with the water and pool toys we bought him. I personally love the water and could spend days just swimming and water skiing or wake boarding so I guess having a pool so close to us is a great advantage. I bet Wyatt will love it too and he certainly will if he takes after me.

We took Wyatt’s Anderson cousins with us and they really enjoyed it too. Well, at lease Jayne and Jeffrey did. Iaasic was too scared to be in his floating thingy like Wyatt's but he stayed in the pool as long as Natalie held him. I can’t wait until Wyatt gets to be Jayne or Jeffrey’s age so we can splash around and have a lot more fun rather than just sitting there waiting to be splashed so he can cry. I guess all in due time we will have all the joys of getting him excited to do fun activities like swimming.


The theater shelves are finally done!

So ever since the Parade of Home 2006 I got this wild idea to turn our basement into a home theater. Every one of the new houses we walked through had one and I loved it. Hence I wanted to build my own and it has been approximately 1 year in the making. My brother-in-law helped me build a wall and hang sheet rock and my dad helped me finish the sheet rock and start the shelves. The shelves were the finishing touch and really pull the room together. I love the room so much and would probably spend all of my time down there if I could. Come over and lets watch a movie in my finally finished home theater (You’re all invited)
At first I thought that I had tons of DVDs but these shelves are barely filled, so I guess I’ll have to buy more. It seems like every Black Friday I always end up with about 10 new ones. I guess the morale of the story is that always get these wild ideas after seeing something I want. Next stop…I’m thinking the kitchen cabinets :)