All Hallows Eve

The souls of the dead were left to roam the streets and villages at night as the Innocent sleep peacefully. The vile spirits were once thought to be friendly, so gifts and treats were left out to pacify the evil. From this custom has evolved - trick-or-treating... and PARTIES! Here are some fun pics a our 'all hallows eve' partay!

This year we are themed from the Shrek Movie! Josh is Shrek, Kayla -Princess Fiona, Wyatt is Donkey and Roxy the dragon. We were feelin crafty so Josh and I made our costumes. My wonderful husband who i love dearly thinks that because i can think up an idear i can execute it... not so much the case. The dress was a team effort inbetwixed me, Josh, and Momma Shar.. Let's just say it was a BEAST! It looks so awesome though.
Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Dragon

Polygamists (travis & brooklin, nicole & nate)

Bubble Gum on the bottom of my shoe and partly cloudy.

prego rockstars (kendall & megan) Along side McCain and Palin (chris & kim)

More of the polygamist folk with the one who got away.. (nikki)

Maggie, Marge and Homer (ashley, mike & miley)

Ute fans eating dinner next to partly cloudy and a chance of showers. If you asked what they were Shay would say Partly Cloudy and Robbie would say with a chance of showers and spray you with is bottle.

Mid-Evil peeps (anna & shawn)