The beginning of year 4

So today we have been married for 4 years. It is amazing how fast time flies. I cannot believe it. Our tradition is to watch our wedding video and then do something. (we were so skinny 4 years ago) For our honeymoon we went to Hawaii, year one was Park City, year two Las Vegas, year three Cirque du Soleil. This year we will watch the movie, eat Applebee’s To-Go and watch the season finale of American Idol. It seems it is getting much simpler as time goes by. However, we will be going to Washing ton DC in June so we’re going to count that as being our anniversary trip. I will actually be there for work from the 15-27 of June so Kayla is going to come out for the weekend and we’ll tour downtown DC and see all the sites. We can’t wait!


Father and Son's Overnighter

Wyatt and I went on the Fathers and Sons overnighter to North Fork. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go especially taking a 21 month old. But we did it. I was so concerned that Wyatt would get really cold, or cry the entire night. Well i don't think he got cold because he spent the entire night flipping and flopping out of the sleeping bag and off the air mattress. Needless to say... I didn't sleep a wink mostly because i was worried about him getting cold but it didn't help that i kept getting kicked and that my air mattress went flat about half way through the night. I am glad it was just an overnighter because i wouldn't have made it any longer. It was fun to play with him on the swings and T-Ball but that is all he wanted to do. I think we might try it again a few more times this summer.


School’s out FOREVER!!

So on the 12th I had my last class for my Master’s Degree. I am so glad it is over. I thought I’d have tons of spare time to do whatever I wanted but; I think I always did whatever I wanted, now I don’t have to feel guilty about putting off homework to do it! I don’t really feel that much smarter. That’s not to say I didn’t learn anything from my program but I think it will serve me better in the future. Now that I can do more stuff with my free time I think I want to learn to play the piano and read a few more books. I have tried several times to learn it on my own but I need someone to teach me. Generally speaking I am not a leisure reader but there are a few things I’d like to finish. So that is on my list of things to do now that I’ve GRADUATED!!!


Mothers Day

So I am behind a few days but at least I keep posting. Mother’s Day was nice. We ate with my family then went and visited Kayla’s. At my parents house we rode the 4-wheelers and played outside. At Kayla’s aunts house we sat and talked outside while Wyatt entertained himself with a croquet mallet. He is becoming so much more fun. We gave my mom and Grandma a family picture. The first one ever of all of us together. It was taken at Grandma Steed’s funeral and I cropped out the background and put it on a photo studio backdrop to make it look like we went and had them taken somewhere. We gave Kayla’s mom and Grandma a planter to hang outside. They were really cool. Kayla got the Demdaco statue (you know the ones without the face) and laser hair removal for the underarms. She is really excited about both. All of the motherly influences I’ve had in my life are all for the positive. I am grateful them!!


Dinner with Lourdes

So you may have read about my trip to General Conference with my Argentine friend Lourdes. Well we took her out to dinner and I thought I would share some of the pictures. My companion that i served with while in her area was going to be there too but unfortunetaly his daughter got sick and he had to take her to the hospital. We ate at Chili's. She had never been there before so i thought that we'd give her a taste of corporate america. She really had a great time. I want to give her as much as possible because i feel so grateful for what she did for me while i was there i want to do the same for her.