tickle me twisted - but i love shark week! the last week in July on the discovery channel from 9pm to midnight - pure shark fest! don't get me wrong these gynormous fishes terrify the boogers out of me ~ but they are the most fascinating of creators. so if you get a minute take a gander & you'll be hooked! (i don't recomend if your planning a trip to the big salty seas anytime soon) *by the big salty seas - i am not refering to the great salt lake*


help i'm in a pickle..

We have decided to put new flooring in our kitchen & dining area. It has been narrowed down to laminate flooring, we've agreed on the the grain & style - now we need your help in choosing the color! Please let us know what you think. One is a light-ish wood color (josh thinks it looks like a gym floor) and the other a darker maple-ish color. Our cabinets and dining table are a very rich dark redish brown (not cherry). PLEASE VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU THINK LOOKS BEST!



sweet cheeks

Our morning routine doesn't change much day to day. I wake up and start getting things ready for the day, Wyatt wakes up shortly after, we have breakfast - then bathtime. After all of this Wyatt & Roxy usually play while i get ready for work. On this particular day i was getting ready as usual - but Wyatt was extra full of it, laughing & running -pure silliness. I stepped out of the bathroom to find the following.

* i generally don't encourage running naked with trash cans atop the head - but i thought it was too phunny!


Bear World

While in Yellowstone we didn't see any bears. We though we had but when we stopped and really looked closely---it was a buffalo. Kind of disapointing but oh well. So on the way home we stopped and went to Bear World. I was mostly a bear zoo with a few other things. They had some elk, we fed the fish and pet the other small animals like a goat, pig and deer. Not much to the place actually. Then when we were all done with that we got to play on their rides. The ride attendant looked to be about 12 or 13 so I wasn't so sure about how safe it would be. First we went on the small train. Safe enough. We went around a few times and Jaxon and Wyatt loved it. Next we went to the roller coaster. I was pretty sure Wyatt was going to fall out because it went faster than I though and the lap bar didn't even come close to touching him. Luckily Kayla was sitting with him and he didn't seem to mind. Then Wyatt and Jaxon rode on the cars. They looked to be pretty safe but when they came around in front of us the car started to buck like a horse. Wyat was oblivious to the danger and Jaxon "wanted off". If was funny to watch them. My overall thought of Bear World...The poor bears that have to be in there are so accustomed to humans it they would probably be more like a dog licking you to death if they ever got loose. It was fun for the kids but way to expensive.


Big Creek and Mesa Falls

So Yellowstone was quite an eventful day. A lot of driving so we decided to do some things by Island Park rather than driving back to Yellowstone. We went to Big Creek and fed the fish and seaguls. I brought a loaf of bread for the family. Wyatt decided he wanted to eat his piece rather than feed it to the fish and birds. Afterward we went to Mesa Falls. It was a nice little hike down a wooden trail and you ended up right on top of where the water started falling over the edge. It was so cool. It is amazing how we have seen so many beautiful things from mother nature this past week.



To save a bit of money on gas - we thought it best to carpool so we teamed up with Brian & Natalie, we hadn't even made it out of weber county before Wyatt & Jaxon started whining. " Wyatt scratched me! WYATT SCRATCHED ME AGAIN!" While Trevor is here we thought it would be fun to get the family together for a vacation. We rented a Cabin in Island Park for a few days. Lots of fun, but after a few days of irregular napping & lots of buddies to play with - all adds up to not one but seven crabby kids!

Jaxon and Jeffrey were playing hide-and-seek. Well the object of the game is not to be found and that is exactly what they did. We all were outside looking for them then come to find out they were under the beds in one of the rooms. They are so innocent and had no idea of what not coming out when a person calls your name can do to a family. To finish out the first night we went fishing at the kids pond. Lauren was the only successful one. She caught a 6 incher. After fishing we came back to the cabin, the kids played Yellowstone bingo then went to bed, ½ the adults played hearts and the other ½ played the wii. It was just really nice to relax and not have to worry.

Yellowstone is a fun place to visit every few years ESPECIALLY if your lucky enough to spot the exotic hard to spot Buffalo... psych! They're everywhere! It was a long drive for most of the day. I was glad we decided to take Brian's Expedition. We saw Old Faithful, Lower Falls, Gibson Falls and Mamouth Hot Springs. Neither of us have been there for quite some time so it was good to see all of the tourist traps and take a few photos. We had fun spending time with Kayla's family and it was nice to have a "family vacation" while Trevor was here.

Island Park Cabin

So while Kayla's brother Trevor came to visit from Korea we decided to go on vacation to Yellowstone. Unfortunately everything in West Yellowstone was booked on that short of a notice so I found a cabin in Island Park. The cabin was awesome. After much deliberation and talking with the rest of the family I booked this cabin and I think everybody was pleased with what we got for the money. $105 for each family was a steal of a deal. It was perfect for the entire family and it was way cheaper than all of us renting our own hotel rooms. This way we were able to be together and make our own food so we wouldn't have to eat out every meal. It got a little hectic with all of the kids playing all the time but overall it was such a great layout so I think most everybody was comfortable. I took some video footage of the cabin so when i have a cabin one day I can make something similar. There were a few things I would change but it was actually really new, clean and well layed out to accommodate the entire family. It was just a really neat place and it could be that I have cabin fever and would love to own something like this for my family. Watch the video if you want but it was a nice place for a family vacation.


Cabin over the 4th

We decided to go to my uncle’s cabin for the fourth of July this year. Just like last year it was a “family reunion” but with no scheduled activities. We went up on Thursday came home on Saturday. We rode the 4-wheelers, watched some movies, played cards, and Kayla was re-taught how to crochet. Last year my Aunt Deana taught her how to do it so she has meddled in it for about a year, now this year she re-taught her because she had semi-forgotten. Anyway she is pretty much “old lady pro” now. When we originally decide to go we were only going to stay until Friday afternoon because we were going to come home and watch the fireworks. But we stayed until Saturday night instead. It was actually really nice to have a carefree schedule to allow us to stay if we wanted. One night me and Wyatt ate S’mores and it was fun to watch him try and roast marshmallows. While there my Cousin Brandon’s daughter, Loralie (not sure about the spelling), was blessed by my Grandpa. A cabin is kind of an unusual place for a blessing but it was still very nice. Maybe we can tell her she is one of the “pioneers”. I am sure that is where they did them. So no fireworks this Fourth of July but come this Sunday we’ll be sure to make it up to Weber State for theirs.