Water Skiing at Pineview

Courtney is going to be moving away to go to dental school in August so we decided to have one last hoorah before he leaves with all the old group of friends. It was really cool to get everybody together and just hang out. Justin broght his boat down from Idaho and we spent a few hours on the lake. Afterward we came back to my house and had a BBQ. Fun Times!

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My cousin Michelle lives near Baltimore. Since I was so close I thought it would be nice to visit her and her family. It has been about 10 or 12 years since I had seen her so it was good to catch up and get to know her family. I didn't get to meet her husband because of his work schedule but her kids were fun. After we walked around DC all day we went to her house and talked until about midnight. The next morning she made us breakfast and we went to the Baltimore harbor. It was really nice. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. The pictures are at the harbor in front of the boats. You can pay to go on them but we didn't have enough time...Maybe next time!

Sam and Abby


Washington DC Weekend

We went to Washington DC to see all the historical sites. On Friday afternoon after class we went to Arlington Cemetery. We decided to do this on Friday because it is a little out of the way and we were able to drive right there. It was really cool. We went to see the Kennedy’s Gravesite then to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This was pretty cool. We saw the changing of the guard. They are very professional and serious when they do it. After the ceremony somebody touched or knocked over the chain surrounding the tomb and the solider stopped marching and began to yell at him. It was interesting because the only thing they do is march and to see this guy yell was totally out of the ordinary. I was glad we went and saw this on Friday because Saturday was such a long day of walking and we were so tired.

Saturday we jumped on the Metro (DC’s subway system) and went to the National Archives. We saw the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. In the building you can’t use your flash on the camera so all of the pictures were so dark. This was about a 20 minute wait to get in but it was totally worth it because you don’t get to see all that stuff in real life (just copies).

Next we went to the Museum of Natural History. This is where we saw all the dinosaur skeletons, the big elephant and lots of other prehistoric skeletons. It was really neat but we were just really rushed and that place was packed with people. It was cool though.

Next we ate lunch in the Ronald Reagan building. It is a joke to get into any Federal Building because the security is so crazy. It is like going through the airport to get into any of the buildings. Anyway to each lunch we had to go through security and show our IDs.

We then walked to the White House. It really wasn’t too intriguing since it looks like a mansion with a big fence around it. However, there was a tour guide there giving a brief speech and there is a woman that live across the street from the White House. She lives under a tarp and has been there since 1982. She is protesting Nuclear stuff. So if she ever leaves to go to the bathroom or something like that she has to get somebody to take her post or it will become illegal to protest in front of the White House.

Finally toward the end of the day we went and walked to the Lincoln Memorial. On the way we caught the Washington Monument and the WWII memorial. Afterwards we saw the Vietnam Wall. There was an excellent speech from a forest serviceman that explained all of the significance. It was super informative and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We rested on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial then walked, what seemed like 1000 miles to the train station. We made it back to the Metro Station then we were off to Baltimore to see my cousin Michelle and her family.



For those that might not know TDY means Temporary Duty Yonder. That means I am in the city of California Maryland attending a class and not at my regular desk at Hill AFB. I left last Sunday morning which was hectic because Saturday was graduation and Kayla had a wedding shower for Anna Parker at our house so we were rushing to et the house clean and food cooked in between all of the festivities of the graduation. I didn’t get my bag packed until about 11 pm and had to be at the airport by 6:30 am. Wyatt wasn't much of a helper to get my bags packed because he would unpack everything I packed. Then he'd jump in there and play around. I didn’t forget anything but I hate being rushed. Well I made it to the Baltimore airport but my luggage didn’t. So my options were to drive the hour and a half to the airport and have them bring it out in two days or wait in the airport for two hours and take it with me because it was on the next flight. I chose to wait and they gave me a voucher for food, so I went and ate dinner free…then they gave me a $150 travel voucher because of my willingness to stay and not be so mean. I didn’t really have anything to do. My suitcase came in on the next flight, I picked up my rental car (a dodge caliber – sparkly blue) and made my way to my hotel. I am so glad I had my GPS. I would recommend it to anybody because it is a life and time saver!! Such a great invention and well worth the investment!!! My hotel room was a smoking room with two double beds but on Wednesday I got to switch to a king suite! It is twice the size, a huge jetted tub (Kayla loved it) and a couch, chair, table and non smoking!


Graduation (yes again)

I know I already posted about my graduation but here are the pictures. It was so great to actually have the official ceremony. There were actually tons of people there. I was really excited to get my name called and my hood placed on. Right after they read my name they read my mom’s then they mentioned we were a “mother and son team.” It was neat and several people chuckled. The group picture is the group of contracting people that I did all of my classes with and work with everyday. They are great people and were equally as excited as I was. I am so glad it is over!! After graduation we ate at Golden Corral with my family then went home where Kayla was waiting with balloons and a gift. She got me a Nintendo DS. AWESOME!! THANKS!


Where's Grandpa, Where's Grandpa, Where's Grandpa?

Wyatt is obsessed with saying “grandpa”. At least three times per hour he will ask “where’s grandpa?”, “where’s grandpa?”, “where’s grandpa?”. It is a little annoying but it is great to hear him form sentences and be so attentive to things. Another thing Wyatt is obsessed with is “blue” and "Duke" some of the other horses. So last Sunday we went to my parents and my dad (aka grandpa) had Gus the mule saddled to take Wyatt for a ride. Sure thing he could not get enough of it. When he came in he would run to the back door and ask for “duke” one of the other horses. I think he says Duke because it is easier for him than Gus. He is so attentive about what is being said to him. He will usually try to say something if you ask him too.


mother's day (may)

Happy Mother's Day! This is my second official Mother's Day and it was a fabulous day! It actually started at about 12am as i finally got to bed Saturday night there was a small box and card on my pillow. Josh knows how much i love to spoil my own surprises- so he decided to give me my mother's day gift Saturday night. He and Wyatt gave me a willow tree figurine of a mother holding her toddler - of course it made me tear up like a big baby, but i really do love it! And in the card was a gift certificate for the Women's Wellness center in South Ogden to have laser hair removal for my underarms. Hooray! No more shaving the pits!!! Sunday morning Josh surprised me with breakfast in bed. I love being a mom - it is really one of the most difficult & rewarding opportunities i have ever known. I certainly appreciate my mom more, now that I know what it means to be a mother. I have the greatest mom in the world!


love you grandpa... (april)

On April 7, 2008 We made a final farewell to one of the Greatest Men I will ever know. Harold R Taylor 'Grandpa' passed away April 1, 2008. He was truly an incredible man who did incredible things over the course of his life. Lucky for us - we will always have grandpa in our hearts with our little Wyatt. It will be fun to tell my son stories of the grandfather his middle name originated. Never did he have anything negative about anyone, all situations had something positive - even as he lay in the hospital dying of a failing heart. He loved my Grandmother so very much - it has been the most difficult with his passing, to see her alone - and to know her partner for 60 some odd years has gone to a beautiful place - without her. We love them both and know that they will be reunited again one day. We love you and miss you!

BABY ryker (april)

On the 21st of April at approximately 6:00 pm Ryker Brian Vincent was born - weighing in at 5 lbs 2 oz. Both mom and baby are doing great. Hang in there Nat - you'll be up and running after both Jaxon and Ryker before you know it! This is a picture of Jaxon and Ryker. Jaxon is already an awesome big brother! He is very protective of his little brother making sure that everyone washes their hands with the "special" soap and sits down to hold him:) Ryker is beautiful! We are so excited to have another cousin - Ryker makes eight grandkids for Grandma & Grandpa Anderson. Congratulations to the proud parents Natalie & Brian! We love you!

my apologies ... (january)

First things first... i am sorry that my loving husband so thoughtfully posted those fear-provoking photos, in the very early morning hours of THE BIRTHDAY . YIKES!

I know this is so lame but as i sat in school that day, it happened to be the birthday of the girl sitting next to me. Never in my life have i felt like i was getting old.... today i felt OLD! My professor asked how old we were both turning if we had anything fun planned. Her response: my friends are throwing me an awesome party and it will probably last all weekend! My response: hmmmm.... i have a sick child, so probably a flick from redbox & if we are really feeling wild grab some take out for dinner.... i know, so lame. i did however have a wonderful Birthday, any day with josh.wyatt & roxy is a geat day! - Thank you to all the thoughtful well wishers.