more wyatt-isms

First things First:

Wyatt has officially been a "big boy" who uses the "big boy tolet" for 10 days now. In these wonderous 10 days he has only had 4 accidents.

The Gwanket - ga wayne ket
M: ba -lane-ket = blanket

W: ba-lane-ket =ba-gwanket

I suppose one day he will get it, until then...?

"mom... i lub rocy, she's my favorite best fwend"

"this is deewishous, it's my favorite!"

When someone is getting ready to depart. For example - Josh is getting ready to go to work:

W: ohhh (said with such sad enthusiasm frown and all) i miss my daddy soooo much! Meanwhile Josh is not even out of the door yet.


WageGirls said...

It always takes alittle time. I sure he do good. But when the baby is born just beware that there might be a few little accidents here and there. How are you feeling?